A simple dot shifting puzzle that will keep you delighted for the day!

  • Take your own time to solve 100 unique levels
  • Each configuration of dots and homes requires its own unique strategy to solve. This is not a hit-and-miss puzzle
  • Levels begin very easy but become challenging as you progress
  • Stuck? Use hints to help you out! Win hints for perfect scores. Also get hints for referring friends


  • Use the arrow keys to move colored dots into their respective homes. Dots disappear when there is a match.
  • Press SPACE to restart the game
  • All dots move together so be mindful of where each one is going
  • A level is completed when all dots have disappeared
  • If a dot enters a hole of a different color then you have to start again
  • Press H or the hint button to get a hint for a single step
  • Earn 2 hints for each day that you play. Also get hints for perfect moves at higher levels.
  • To get bonus hints, hit '+' and enter a buddy code (every player gets a buddy code that is shown on this window)

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